My First Day at a Fulfillment Center

November 6, 2020

By Nitin Antony

Upon my arrival at the Depoter fulfillment center, I felt very overwhelmed and felt very little of against the towers and towers of shipment products. Shipments of products as far as the eye can see of all products from children wear to groceries to frozen goods and even designer bags.

Depoter’s warehouse and fulfillment center, at first glance, is a maze. But it is neatly and meticulously organized into sections that are rented by our clients. And further organized is by barcodes on each shelf and individual product that the customer provides us. Furthermore, the shelving was designed to accommodate both B2B and B2C clients.

After my tour, I had the opportunity to listen to inbound sales and public relations calls with the potential clients who were either D2C brands or suppliers on and Inquiries about our storage facilities and the logistics of storing the clients’ products were asked and answered. Not only did I get the privilege of looking and understanding first-hand about the logistics, but I also understood how to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with the clients by disclosing full transparency about the operations at Depoter and how it would impact the journey of a product from the client to the consumer of the product with our help.

Finally, I had the opportunity to look at the social media platforms of Depoter and figure out how to further appeal to clients by displaying an aesthetically pleasing social media presence to clients and thereby eventually, reeling in more clients. I understood the importance of this especially because of today’s importance on the digital aspects of running a business and maintaining an impression through the use of social media.