Your Best Order Fulfilment Partner in the UAE

November 20, 2020

By Nitin Antony

Depoter was started with an aim to provide the best logistic service to e-commerce websites and direct-to-customer (D2C) online sellers. With profound experience in logistics and order fulfilment, we serve all across the UAE. We feel contentment that our clients are happy with the best fulfilment centre they have chosen for handling the pinprick of deliveries and they make potential usage of the saved time in growing the business to new heights.

The dark stores of Depoter are facilitated with the novel logistic technologies & trained staffs which get done the manoeuvre efficiently and promptly. This enables us to deliver your product within two hours, the very day or as you prefer! Depoter is the first dark store in MENA and has now over ten dark stores around the UAE dealing with over 50 clients. We have a build-in API to connect your online store or e-commerce website provider account like Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Magento, etc., with our e-commerce fulfilment software. Upon the placement of an order from a customer, the system will fetch it instantly due to integration and webhooks. The dark store closest to the customer is chosen and the inventories, which are stored safe and secure, are delivered. Our clients can track the inventory from the dark store itself. Depoter offer these services to clients with zero upfront cost and a pay-per-use policy. That’s the client only pays for the time he uses the space and fulfilment service. We are successful in fulfillment activities with 99.9% accuracy. We have made the most transparent solutions to provide the best client experience and the dark stores are scalable to manage unpredictable demands.

When the same-day delivery is available, a 9% higher cart conversion rate and a 32% increase in average cart value can be expected. Integrating with Depoter, the client is assisted to achieve maximum profit through a lower customer acquisition rate.

The success in every business lies in making the right choice at the right time. Depoter is the most reliable logistic service with the best technological advancement, customer care and proper tracking system. We like to see your business hike expeditiously.